Conditions of Use

§1 Validity

For the business relationship between the customer and shop (Firma Qlams Trading GmbH, called below) only these General Sales Conditions as presnet at the time of the order apply. A copy will be sent with the order.

§2 Offer

All offers of are subject to alteration. With updates of the Internet store all previous offers become invalid.

§3 Contract

(1) A contract between the customer and is esablished by the placement of an order by the customer and it beeing accepted by The order is made online by filling in and sending the order form provided by on the Internet. accepts the order by delivering the goods ordered.

(2) Oders cannot be annonymous and won't be despatched to persons below 18 years of age.

(3) In case of products beeing not available, reserves the right not to deliver them. In this case will contact the customer immediately and accordingly refund the payment, provide a replacement product or deliver at a later time.

§4 Prices

Prices are charged in their value at the time of order. All prices include sales tax.

§5 Shipping

(1) We offer worldwide delivery.

(2) Shipping by mail in neutral packaging. The customer is responsible for providing a correct delivery address. If a delivery fails on the grounds of wrong or incomplete address information, has the right to charge the customer for the additional costs.

(3) The risk goes over to the customer with the correct handing over of the mail package to the Austrian Post.

(4) If the appearance or composition of any ordered item shold vary insignificantly, is still entitled to ship it.

(5) Delivery in seperate packages is possible. The mail costs are however charged only once.

(6) Ordering erotic products outside the EU is limited to 2 kg weight and for aromas (poppers) to 180 ml per package. For deliveries of more than 2 kg erotic products or more than 180 ml aromas outside the EU, we have to send them in smaller units. You’ll receive special discounts, charging fees fully apply per package. We’ll inform you of the full charge before shipment by e-mail or phone within 48 after placing your order.

(7) Deliveries of erotic products to the USA is limited to 2 kg weight and 90 ml aromas per package. All products are sent from Europe.

(8) The mail charges contain 0% sales tax.

(9) For orders with less then 10 Euro value of goods, charges 1 Euro packaging fee.

(10) Delivery dates are not binding if not state otherwise in written form. tries to ship within five working days. Deliveries into foreign countries can be subject to further delays outside's responsibility.

(11) If the order confirmation states a delivery time, it starts with sending the confirmation. By posting the ordered goods in time, the deadline has been kept. In case of problems due to higher forces and governmental authorities the delivery time is extended for the duration of the delay.

§6 Right of returning orders

(1) The customer is granted the right to send back any ordered goods within two week after delivery without stating any reason to

Qlams Trading GmbH
Senefeldergasse 18
Vienna, 1100

(2) Bottles of poppers can be taken back only unopened with the quality seal intact. The right to return goods does explicitly not include any products that have been manufactured on special order or goods that quickly go bad or are over their expiration date. It also is not possible to return audio- oder videorecordings or software, when the package has been opened or the seal has been broken.

(3) will return payment to the customer, less eventual expenses.

§7 Payment

(1) By sending the order payment is due. Payment includes the costs for the items ordered, minus eventual discounts, plus shipping fees and (if applicable) COD costs.

(2) Possible payment methods are:
(2a) credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD/EUROCARD)
(2b) advance payment by bank transfer to

All countries exept Germany:
Qlams Trading GmbH
Privatbank AG
Bank code: 34795
Account no.: 4.522.504
IBAN: AT81 3479 5000 0452 2504

Orders from Germany:
Qlams Trading GmbH
RLB OÖ, ZNL Süddeutschland
Bank code: 8.112.831
Account no.: 8.112.831
IBAN: DE18 7402 0100 0008 1128 31

For orders from outside Austria: Bank charges are to be paid by the customer. If charges are made to, they reserve the right to pass them on to the customer or to deliver less items in the same value.

(3) In case of delivery in installments, can request an aliquot advance payment.

(4) If the customer's payment is late, can charge interest rates of 18 % p.a.

§8 Compensation on Non-fulfilment

In case of service delay within responsibility, compensation is restricted to immediate, typical damages.

§9 Guarantee

(1) Guarantee is given for one year after delivery. is only guaranteeing for faults that have existed at the time of delivery. Small typical and technically unavoidable differences in quality do not justify replacement.

(2) Faults have to be announced in written form. Obvious faults have to be reported within two weeks after delivery. The requests have to be sent to:

Qlams Trading GmbH
Senefeldergasse 18
Vienna, 1100

(3) In case of faults has the choice to repair the fault or to make a replacement delivery. If the repair is unsuccessful or can the replacement delivery not be made in time due to reasons in's responsibility, the customer has the right to receive his payment back or to have the payment reduced.

(4) Shipping charges for sending back the goods have to be payed by the customer and are refunded by in case of a justified complaint.

(5) Compensation will be made by only in cases of intent or neglience or if essential parts of the contract have been violated.

(6) If an essential duty is violated, only covers typical, expectable damages.

§10 Reservation of proprietary rights

(1) The goods delivered remain´s property until ful payment has been received.

(2) Manufacturing or re-design of goods by the customer is done for

(3) Stating the proprietary rights and seizure of the delivery goods do not establish a withdrawal from the contract, if not explictitly stated otherwise by

§11 Privacy Policy

All for the customer relationship necessary data is recorded and might be passed on to other connected companies. All information is used with care and kept strictly confidential. The data is passed on to third parties only with written permission by the customer.

§12 Miscellanous

(1) The contract underlies Austrian law.

(2) Place of fulfilment and Court of jurisdiction is Vienna, if the customer is also a company. For all other customers the Court of jurisdiction depends on the law.

(3) If one of the conditions of the General Sales Conditions becomes invalid, all others are not affected. Invalid conditions are replaced by those closest to the intended meaning of the invalid conditions.The same applys by the lack of eventual loopholes.


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